Invaluable Valuables

In today’s materialistic world it is easy to attach a value to everything.

However there are some things that you leave behind which may have an unspoken value to either you or those you leave behind.

It is quite common to have family heirlooms such as jewellery, art, watches, or writing instruments. Of course, you may have other items of personal value which may not be as obvious to other people.

When making a Will you should consider all of these personal items, and ensure that they are all accounted for and left to the people whom would appreciate them.

One of the things you can do is to discuss these matters with your beneficiaries and ask them which of your personal items that they would like to have. Of course, you should only do this if you are comfortable with it.

The danger of not including or being specific in relation to your personal items is that your Executor, the person whom you appoint to take care of your estate and distribute your assets, may not appreciate or may not understand the full value of your personal items, and may, through no fault of their own, improperly distribute these personal items among your beneficiaries.

You must have peace of mind at the end of the Will-making process, knowing that your personal items are properly distributed to those who will value them the most.