Wills for the Hills!

Promoting Estate Planning in the Hills

As part of our strategic review for 2011, we identified estate planning and Will preparation to be one of the key areas of need within the local community. Leaving aside all other areas of law, it is the area that affects us all and is relevant to all of us – no matter of who we are. The contemplation of death and what it means for those loved ones that we leave behind is not the normal morning topic of discussion, but it is an important, a necessary and a serious topic nonetheless.

Everyone deals with death differently and in their own way, but with our professional advice and guidance in estate planning and Will preparation we ensure that each client shares the same confidence and peace of mind knowing that their future plans are secured and that their family is protected.

What’s happening?

Over the next few months, we will be promoting our estate planning and Will preparation services throughout the Sydney’s Hills area and suburbs to the north west of the Sydney metropolitan area. These areas are experiencing a population growth as young families take advantage of new housing and land developments, improved transport and infrastructure, and the boom of suburban retail shopping and central business districts like the Parramatta CBD, the Norwest Business Park, and the Rouse Hill Town Centre.

Young couples, young couples with children or young families, generally need to give special attention to their estate planning and Will preparation requirements – especially if they have young children under the age of 18 years. For those families, caring for their children and providing or supporting for them in the event of their own misfortune or death will be the most important consideration. This is where we assist and add the most value.

As young people with our own families and children barely into their schooling years, we are very familiar with the challenges facing young families in managing to raise a family in the world today. We personally experience it, we live it – and so do our friends, our network of business connections, and our own families. We understand you.

What’s next?

Even if you have already prepared your own Will or had a Will prepared for you, it is the time to take a serious look at your life and to consider ‘what happens when I die?’ If you consider this issue in the context of your children, you will realise that the opportunity to make a difference for tomorrow actually starts today – and that by taking steps to put your plans into place, you are providing for them well into the future and even in a time when it is beyond your direct control. Take advantage of our current promotion on Will preparation, and we look forward to assisting you with your estate planning and Will preparation requirements.