Planning for the future

Estate planning can help avoid complications that can arise following the death of a loved one. With an ageing population in Australia, proper estate planning is critical to ensure that your loved ones are adequately taken care of and have directions as to what to do when you move on.

Estate planning can include the following matters:

  • Having a Will
  • Having adequate life Insurance
  • Making sure your superannuation benefits go to the right people
  • Having a list of all your assets and liabilities
  • Having an enduring power of attorney
  • Having an enduring guardian
  • Having an Advanced Health Directive

Estate plans should never be considered permanent as considitions, whether financial or personal, change. Your plans should be reviewed perhaps every five years or so, or whenever there has been an important or significant change in your life, such as the acquisition of a significant asset or liability, or the birth, death, or marriage of someone in your family.

We can help you review your estate plans – and where possible, help you transfer your assets to the next generation in the most effective way possible. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us using the quick enquiry form on this blog.