Can I prepare my own Will or use a “Do It Yourself” Kit?

It is quite common to see “Do It Yourself” Will Kits in Newsagents or Post Offices. They are often inexpensive and contain directions in relation to how they should be filled out.

There is nothing stopping you from drafting your own Will or using one of these Will Kits – that being said, a Will must conform to strict legal requirements and if it fails those requirements the Courts may decide that it is not a valid Will. If this is the case then there is no Will, and your assets may be distributed in a manner which was not your intention.

A person who is not legally qualified will risk making a mistake, creating further complications or uncertainties for the loved ones they leave behind. It is not unusual for self-drafted Wills to contain ambiguous or unclear phrasing, or using words that may have a different meaning at law. Only a Court can resolve that ambiguity (or declare the Will invalid), and this could come at a substantial cost.

As a Will is an important legal document we recommend that you should have your Will professionally drafted, to ensure that your wishes are properly recorded, clearly set out, and carried out by the right people. We can help you with all of that – if you have any questions, contact us using the quick enquiry form on this blog.