What’s your excuse for not having a Will?

I can’t begin to tell you how many excuses I’ve heard from friends (and colleagues) about why they haven’t gotten around to doing a Will, or worse, why they don’t need one. (Fortunately, most of my family’s smart enough to already have a Will in place – they’re all a bunch of financial planners, after all).

The excuses I’ve heard over the years include:

  • I haven’t gotten around to doing it, that’s all
  • I don’t have any significant assets, I don’t need one yet
  • Everything goes to my partner anyway by default, so I don’t need one
  • It’s bad luck to write a Will

My responses to them?

  • Things can happen at unexpected times – don’t put off what can be done today!
  • Everyone needs a Will. Just because you don’t have much doesn’t mean you don’t need one.
  • A Will is more than just about making sure that everything passes to the right person – it’s about making the process easier and giving the ones you leave behind peace of mind.
  • But you should still make one anyway, here, let’s do this now so we can get it out of the way.

In conclusion: No excuse is good enough. If you don’t have a Will, or you need to review your Will, give us a call, and we’ll sort you out.