Can I include my pets in my Will?

Is it possible to provide for my pets in my Will?

Yes, it is!

Making a provision for the care of any pets you own is a wise step to take. A Will is a legal document that sets out your final wishes and providing for your loved ones naturally comes to mind when writing one. So why not include your beloved pet dog, cat, guinea pig, lizard, or even goldfish in your Will? After all, your pets are part of your family too.

As the owner of a dog myself, I know what it’s like to worry about his welfare when I’m away from home. Providing for your pet in your Will gives you extra peace of mind knowing he or she will be looked after even if something happens to you. There are a number of ways you can go about doing this:

  • Provide instructions for the care of your furry (or not so furry) friend. Decide whether you would like your pet to live with a family member, friend or someone you know.
  • If you choose, you can instruct that your pet be left with a charity or animal welfare organisation such as the RSPCA to be rehomed. Be aware though, not animals that are left in the care of such organisations can be rehomed.
  • Leaving a gift of money to the person or organisation looking after your pet. This will help ensure your pet is adequately provided for.
  • You may also wish to place money left to the carer of your pet in a trust account so that ongoing funds from it can be used toward the long term care and maintenance of your pet.

What information do I need to provide?

Your pet’s name and details including type of animal and breed will help us in identifying your pet when preparing your Will.  You will also need to have the names and addresses of the persons or organisations you wish to care for your pet.

What next?

‘Now’ is always the best time to write your Will and make sure your loved ones are provided for. Contact us today on (02) 9687 8885 and talk to one of our estate planning lawyers about how we can prepare your Will.