The Busy Month

December. Here we are again.

Celebrating the end of school terms and university semesters, looking forward to overseas holidays and summer vacations, enjoying travelling around or relaxing at home, attending family gatherings for Christmas, and preparing for New Year resolutions. This is the time when it all happens. This is also the time when people start asking us about writing their Wills.

Of course, not everyone who asks actually does, but more and more people ask during the month of December than at any other time throughout the year. Even though many people are busy doing a multitude of other things, strangely they’ll often entertain the thought in the back of their mind, “What if…” and that’s when they realise they’ve missed something – their Will.

Naturally it’s the thought of accident or misfortune that motivates most people to consider writing or updating their Will. However, December or the events around December don’t necessarily increase the possibility or the probability of accident or misfortune. That can happen at any time. The perception drives it, but it also creates an urgency to attempt to just do something and to do it quickly.

Sadly, estate planning and Will-making isn’t generally something you can just grab from the airport departure lounge. It’s also not something that’s available as an ‘off the shelf’ or ‘one size fits all’ commodity as people often hope, especially when it’s done properly for you.

Writing a Will is a professional service. It takes time, it takes thought and expertise, it takes consideration and lots of communication. A little forward thinking and planning goes a long way in writing a Will that is going to be relevant to you and can be used when the time comes without unwanted consequence or challenge.

In December, we’re encouraging you to consider writing a Will – not as an afterthought as you’re boarding the plane – but to give it the consideration that it deserves. You Will can determine the future for your family, friends and whoever is closest to you or most important to you.

What next?

The next step towards writing a Will is for you to complete our Will Questionnaire online. The link is above in the menu or here: