Wills are about life – not death

When people say they don’t want to do a Will because they just can’t bring themselves to think about dying – the reality is that the Will is more about life than it is about death. Although a Will only becomes effective when you die, the purpose is to really be a reflection of your life as it is, especially at the time you made the Will.

Accordingly, when clients ask for guidance as to what they should be thinking about, we ask them what’s important in their lives. For example, why do many people provide for their family in their Will? It’s because their family is the most important part of their life. Why do you hear about people who leave their fortunes to their pets? It’s because their pets are the most important part of their life. Why do people give to charities? Well, if they gave to charities while they were alive, it makes sense that they’ll still give to charities after they pass.

Your Will is an important part of your legacy and legacy starts with what you do and achieve during your life. When you reflect on your life, what things are important to you? Include them in your Will. Simple.